Ya Ahlan wa Sahlan!! (Hello and Weclome!!) ^u^

And, a very blessed Eid Mubarak to everyone!!

Look at this cool sheep, i had a hard time choosing a picture for this blog, found it cute,
might change later or not haha!

On the 10th day of Zul-Hijja, we celebrate the Eid-Ul-Nahr (also known as Eid-ul-Azha).

On this festive day, we can see people teeming like crazy across animal farms, bangle stands and don’t forget henna stalls!!

While, zipping across the streets, we can see the roads and houses, jewelled up with fairy lights and all sort of beautiful animals wreathed by people of all ages.

Although, Eid comes up with a complete frenzy, with all of these festivities and preps, we shouldn’t forget countless other…

Ya Ahlan Wa Sahlan!! (Hello and welcome!!)

Hope you all are having a very beautiful day, Hope Ramadan is going pleasant for you and your families! May God Almighty bless us and our families with the better for each and everyone of us!! Ameen :3

It’s been pouring at my place for the past few days, Not gonna lie the first of Ramadan was hard to bear, but by the grace of Allah Almighty, a light drizzle gave a fresh kick to the beginning of this beautiful month.


Purple Skies

Recollection of my 2021, made me ponder over what I had expected this year to be, and how…

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla!! (Hello and Welcome!!) ❤


Today, I decided I’ll discuss a topic quite substantial regarding a common disease that we all hold and that is: “to look perfect”, “to act perfect” in other words, just being nothing but a complete pitch perfect, man, woman or a Muslim.

As, human’s we all have to embrace this reality that we all have two parts, one which is “Physical” which includes the body, and the other which is “The Soul”, that lies within us. …

Written By: Shanzay Arshad

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla!! (Hello and welcome!!)

Hope you’re all well, and happy wherever you are and I wish the best for you and your families, may God bless you! :)

So, I had been thinking about an appropriate topic to discuss over in my new blog, and I found a topic very beneficial enough to be discussed over with the Muslim Ummah.

Today’s topic is regarding, “ The purification of the Heart”

I’ve spent half of my life while travelling around Pakistan and abroad, and of course with all this travelling, I had a whole lot of opportunity to learn and discover…

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla!! (Hello and Welcome)

A few days back, I reviewed Mini-So, Pakistan! and I feel like it kind of brought about a positive addition to my usual type of blogging topics, apart from my daily imperfect yet happy life, I think it would be a good time for me to jump over this new trend of writing blogs to review products and local stores I’ve been to.

Today, I decided to review “The Body Shop Pakistan”, Now if you’re a typical Pakistani like me, You’ll know that how our Pakistani family is always teaching us the value of money and not to waste in…

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla! (Hello and Welcome!)

With this advancing on-rush around the world, it’s not gonna be wrong to mention Pakistan-The Land of Purity as an advancing country, MashaAllah!

So, we already know why we clicked on this blog, right? Mini-So Pakistan, one of the rapidly mushrooming brands, better able to be spotted across recognized cities and malls stretched across the nation. Now once we start talking about International Trade improving financial performance and playing a major role in advancement, research and development of a nation! …

All the motivation you need to start Hijab!

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla! (Hello and Welcome!)

My hijab Journey Part: 1

Before I start on sharing my hijab journey with everyone, I wanna let you guys know that What Hijab exactly is! so, let’s do it! Alhamdulilahh!💛

A hijab is a veil worn by some Muslim women in the presence of any male outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest. The term can refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to Islamic standards of modesty. -Wikipedia


A hijab isn’t just a piece of cloth that your gonna wrap around your…


Ya ahla wa sahla! (Hello and Welcome!)

Crazy academic-pressure… and the incessant entry tests, dropping over my head like some massive bombshells, have made it quite unfortunate for me to ever have trips or ever laze and loaf around Fortunately, I was blessed with a week-off after a never-ending wrath of an extremely illiberal schedule that I’d made for myself, hehe but atleast it was something worthy. Thanks’ to Almighty! I am quite content of what I left-off on my question paper (Finger’s crossed) *

p.s: pray for my pleasant, yet cheesy and perplexing life :))

Now, it’s never…

Ya Ahla Wa Sahla!

Okay, don’t regard me secluded from the whole social media drama and all, but this is something that I wanted y’all to be acquainted with… I left social media ages ago! and come to think of it, making that decision is just GOLD! now… here’s why?

You can regard me as one, completely oblivious and ignorant of the world outside.. I know it’s kind-of hard to reckon a person like me in the present “modern-astic community” but trust me, we’ve got reasons…

First thing that might’ve popped in your brain-box would probably be… “me having a green habitat in a…


Ya ahla wa sahla!

Do you ever feel like, there are certain times in your life where you just feel like you’ll completely screw-up going for something, and then you suddenly start feeling queasy and start getting worst nightmares expecting the worst! but then you’re struck dumb by a sudden crazy good outcome, that was far beyond your expectancy.

If you agreed to any of the above conditions, then you better sit back, relax and enjoy a luke-warm cup of water (because it’s starting to get really chilly around my place)… Now the real reason I’m writing about all this unexpected series of…

Shanzay Arshad - The Veiled Nugget

18. striving to become an aspiring writer :3

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