My journey to joining “Medium”

Hi! I’m “notthatnarcissist” , and I’m just one of those common teenager dorks. I’m definitely not a rookie to all this writing and stuff.. but all I can say that it’s been in my bones since as long as I can remember. I never took blogging or writing as my prime hobby the motive for not adopting it as my paramount pastime was because of academic albatross.. lol! but hey, sometimes you just end up getting some time off and it impels you to go for thing’s you’ve not even envisaged!

Anyways, It’s my first time trying out Medium, and honestly It’s quite congenial to my own liking and taste. The pattern and the ease has allowed me to burnish my personal creativity! I can already foresee that I’ll be basking in the comfort of writing blogs here!

I guess this would be it…. (Finger’s crossed) * earmarking this new trek with medium! woo-hoo!!

wish me luck! :3